If you happen to pick up the latest Game Informer magazine issue, you just might see some original artwork in it by your’s truly… and by “might” I mean “you will”… page 29… accompanying an article my brother, Kyle Hilliard, wrote on a Harvard study about video games occurring in dreams entitled “Dreaming of Video Games”.

Here’s a breakdown of all the steps involved, including having to completely resize it halfway through the project… Oh well, as the French say “c’est la FREELANCE ART!” (pretty sure they say that). Whole thing took about twenty-one hours. (click to enlarge… you know the drill).

Nod of Approval


My sister’s boyfriend works the nightshift at a bakery a few times a week; a shift he worked the night before my sister’s college graduation ceremony… and had to work again that night. Poor guy was willing to stay up thirty-six-plus hours just to attend (and there’s no telling how little sleep he had before all this). And though he did a fantastic job of being cordial (found and saved us fantastic seats for the graduation, bought us pastries from the bakery where he works, recommended good food, showed us around a sweet comic book shop, and helped with a lot of little things), by law, my brother and I have to give him a little bit of a hard time if he’s with our little sister. So, without further ado, we present to you: A Bunch of Vines of Dennis Nodding Off Throughout the Day.


The top picture was taken in early 2006 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. Myself on the left, and Ashley on the right. At the time, we were little more than acquaintances and neither of us had much inclination that in a mere three years… we’d be siblings-in-law (Ashley married my brother). So, every now and then we like to bring that picture up and laugh at it. And now, eight years later, I decided to photoshop it to make it ever MORE dramatic. Why it took so long, I don’t know…


My friend, Mr. Bran Oswalt (who appears in a few pictures), works for Brown Memorials in Florence, SC designing… well, memorials. He was out to do some field work/research and asked if I wanted to tag along to take cemetery pictures… he didn’t have to ask twice. Exploring Magnolia Cemetery (I believe… could be wrong about that) in Latta, SC and Piney Grove Baptist Cemetery in Dillon, SC.


My friend Joel Moore (who plays guitar for the Charlotte, NC based metal band: Wretched), had the topmost picture taken of him… I found it irresistibly photoshop’able… so photoshop it I did.


Oh boy! It’s pollen’ing outside! Spring is here! ♪ Do you want to build a pollen-man? ♫


A few pictures from Mt. Hope Cemetery in Florence, South Carolina during the February 2014 southern “SNOWPOCALPYSE” (more formally known as Winter Storm Pax).


Upgraded my phone. Now I can finally experiment with instagram video!


My brother, Kyle Hilliard (who’s an associate editor with Game Informer… AKA not only does he love video games, they’re his livelihood), named his daughter “Claire Chell” (Chell being the character you play as in the Portal video game series). So, since she’s two, we figured it only right to give her a toddler-sized portal gun… though, of course, now there’s portals all over the house (you REALLY have to watch where you step, don’t want to fall into an infinity loop).


I LIKE FALL! So… I took some pictures. Nothing groundbreaking… mostly just therapeutic.