My friend, Mr. Bran Oswalt (who appears in a few pictures), works for Brown Memorials in Florence, SC designing… well, memorials. He was out to do some field work/research and asked if I wanted to tag along to take cemetery pictures… he didn’t have to ask twice. Exploring Magnolia Cemetery (I believe… could be wrong about that) in Latta, SC and Piney Grove Baptist Cemetery in Dillon, SC.


My friend Joel Moore (who plays guitar for the Charlotte, NC based metal band: Wretched), had the topmost picture taken of him… I found it irresistibly photoshop’able… so photoshop it I did.


Oh boy! It’s pollen’ing outside! Spring is here! ♪ Do you want to build a pollen-man? ♫


A few pictures from Mt. Hope Cemetery in Florence, South Carolina during the February 2014 southern “SNOWPOCALPYSE” (more formally known as Winter Storm Pax).


Upgraded my phone. Now I can finally experiment with instagram video!


My brother, Kyle Hilliard (who’s an associate editor with Game Informer… AKA not only does he love video games, they’re his livelihood), named his daughter “Claire Chell” (Chell being the character you play as in the Portal video game series). So, since she’s two, we figured it only right to give her a toddler-sized portal gun… though, of course, now there’s portals all over the house (you REALLY have to watch where you step, don’t want to fall into an infinity loop).


I LIKE FALL! So… I took some pictures. Nothing groundbreaking… mostly just therapeutic.


I’ve been rather maniacally creative lately… I blame that on a self-psychosomatically induced love of my favorite season: autumn; and the fact that it is such season (at the time of writing this). Most of my art’s visual, but I thought I’d try my hand at music tonight (I used to “compose” digital music all the time, but it’s been years). Be gentle, it’s been awhile.


So, no shit, I just meditated and had this “vision” of sorts… It seemed to be about happiness (or perhaps peacefulness) being visually represented in a textured, acute metallic triangle… the more I could make the metallic surface of the triangle glisten (fill it up with glistening, like a meter) the happier, more peaceful, I felt… but these dark cartoonish hands (that seemed to represent thought, reason, curiosity, intellectualism… I’m just guessing here) kept prodding the triangle because they wanted to capture this “peacefulness”, study it, take a sample, reproduce it… and every time they did that, the glistening would quickly fade, as if shying away from these things. I was never able to make the triangle glisten very much, and the hands were pretty rampant… but it all seemed to make complete sense as I was experiencing it; like emotion and logic were one. Of course when I came out of it, I was like “Whoa… that’s weird.” Oh well, it was a neat, intriguing, and dream-like experience; especially considering most of my meditation attempts usually just end up being me taking a nap in a sitting position. Felt like my mind was trying to balance my “attempted intellectualism” and “ignorant bliss” (or maybe right and left brain), and the scale had been tipped way too far to the side of “attempted intellectualism”.

The image above is almost exactly what it looked like in my mind… it’s a little eerie how accurately I was able to recreate it.

Also, I was listening to the song “Smoked” by Spunkshine throughout the whole thing (below).

The Joys of Being Thrity and Unmarried


Mom (Going through freshly arrived mail) “Looks like you got another wedding invite.”
Me (It being my fifteenth+ wedding invite in the past five years, I wasn’t too enthusiastic) “Yup.”
Mom (Reads sender’s name) “Wait… Weren’t you with this girl for awhile?!”
Me “Yup.”
Mom “… and she’s getting married?!”
Me “Yup.”
I then got the most severe “AND YOU WEREN’T THE ONE WHO FUCKING MARRIED HER?!?!” look I think I’ve ever received.

I have very little interest in marriage… but now I almost want to get hitched just to avoid that look again… Lawdy.